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Lunch Menu

Delicious Starters

Hummus Flight | 9.99
Mediterranean, Black Bean, Hazelnut and the surprising Peanut Butter and Serrano Peppers. Served with choice of warm Pita or an assortment of Vegetables

Asian Beef Skewer | 9.99
Serpentine skewered Asian marinated Tenderloin is serpentine skewered. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce. Garnished with sesame seeds and scallions.

Shrimp Mozambique | 11.99
U10 Shrimp, sauteed in a spicy and smoky Moroccan Harissa tomato sauce, sweet peas. Served on a bed of rice pilaf.

Flaming Saganaki | 11.99
Imported Greek Kefalograviera Cheese lightly floured, pan fried and Flambeed Table Side. Served with warm Pita Bread.

Crab Cake | 11.99
Lump Crab mixed with varied spices, sunflower oil mayo. Served over a warm vegetable remoulade.

Charcuterie and Fruit Board | 29.99
A display of savory Imported European Meats, Assorted Cheeses and a variety of fruit.


  • Braised Red Cabbage | 3
  • Twin Duchess Potato | 4
  • Spaetzle | 3
  • Polenta | 2
  • Rice Pilaf | 5
  • Butter Mashed Potatoes | 4
  • Sauteed Seasonal Veggies | 3


Apple Crumb Cheesecake | 9.99
The perfect marriage of Apple Pie & NY Cheesecake. Drizzled with caramel.

Crème Brulee | 9.99
A smooth vanilla custard with Tahitian Vanilla Bean, caramelized sugar and fresh berries.

Carrot Cake | 9.99
Made from scratch fresh moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Flourless Chocolate Fudge Torte | 9.99


All lunch sandwiches served with Homemade Waffled Chips
Add a small garden salad for 1.99 ** Add Imported Italian Prosciutto for 2.99

Club Sandwich | 7.99
Brioche bread topped with cured ham, fresh sliced turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese and a different featured bacon every other day. Ask your server for details.

Asian Tenderloin Sandwich | 8.99
Asian marinated tenderloin topped with mixed Greens and Roma tomatoes. Served on Ciabatta Bread.

Philly Prime Rib Sandwich | 8.99
Slow Roasted Prime Rib sliced thin, topped with red and green bell peppers, swiss cheese. Served on Ciabatta.

Pulled Pork Sandwich | 7.99
Spicy pulled pork topped with homemade coleslaw served on Kaiser Bun.

Cabbage Rolls | 13.99
Fermented cabbage leaves stuffed with pork, beef, rice. Simmered with smoked pork, dill and tomatoes. Drizzled with sour cream.

Chicken Paprikash Sandwich | 7.99
8oz Chicken breast topped with Ara's paprikash cream sauce lettuce and tomatoes served on Ciabatta Bread

50/50 Burger | 8.99
8oz All beef patty ground with Smoked bacon, topped with lettuce, onion and tomato.

Fried Cod Sandwich | 7.99
North Atlantic Cod breaded and fried. Topped with our house made tartar sauce and spring mix. Served on Ciabatta.

Chicken ala Ara | 8.99
Thinly sliced Vienna Style Chicken Schnitzel topped with Italian Prosciutto, Melted Swiss Cheese and a creamy white wine mushroom sauce. Served on Ciabatta Bread.

Pierogi's of the Day | 11.99
Ask your server for today's selection. Served Traditional style with caramelized onion and dill.
Add sour cream for 1.99


5 -Cup / 9.99 -Bowl

Tomato Basil
San Marzano Tomatoes, heavy cream, fresh basil. Topped with shaved parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and sour cream.

Blue Crab Corn Chowder
Lump Crab, fresh roasted corn, potatoes, served in a seafood stock

Soup of the Day
Ask your server


Add Kalamata Olives, Artichoke .99 each Imported French Feta cheese 2.99
Dressings: Ranch, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Greek Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, French

Caesar | 7.99
Artisan Romaine hearts served with herbed croutons, homemade dressing and freshly shaved parmesan.

Garden | 7.99
Mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions. Served with your choice of dressing.

Salad of the Day | 9.99
Ask your server for Chef's Choice Salad

Greek Salad | 13.99
Romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, and French Feta Cheese. Tossed in Greek Vinaigrette.


6oz Steak | 7.99

8oz Chicken | 5.99

4-U10 Shrimp | 9.99


Wines Selected by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis

Nationally known wine expert Catherine Fallis, the 5th woman in the world to become a Master Sommelier, is a author, speaker, and wine advisor through her firm Planet Grape LLC & Tasting Panel Lead/Publisher at Planet Grape Wine Review. She is the only person in the world to hold both the Master Sommelier and Advanced Certified Wine Professional credentials, and is a professional Champagne sabreuse, using her sword to open Champagne with panache and flair. Catherine was recently inducted into Les Dames d'Escoffier International and is a Board Member of The American Institute of Wine & Food. She is a wine buyer for Universal Wine Alliance. As an author, she has 77,000 unique readers.